“Our constitutions, our civil liberties and the ideal of equal justice for all people are what separate us from other nations. I am proud to be part of an independent judiciary and to serve the people of the State of New Mexico.”
Judge Vanzi

My name is Linda Vanzi. Thank you for visiting my website.

I am currently a Judge on the New Mexico Court of Appeals. I was selected by the judicial nominating commission, and appointed to the Court by Governor Bill Richardson in 2008. By State law, Judges must stand for election in one partisan contest after appointment. I ask for your support in the Democratic Primary Election on Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

When it comes to our constitutional freedoms, we cannot for a second waver in protecting them, or we risk losing them all.

I am very passionate about protecting the freedoms we too often take for granted as Americans. Thanks to my father, whose career as a journalist took my family all over the world, as a young girl, I lived in countries where citizens didn't enjoy the liberty - and protections - that are so fundamental to this country. Where freedom - and even lives - could be taken away in an instant.

These early experiences set me on a course that eventually led to my current job on the New Mexico Court of Appeals. My life and my career is distinguished by my consistent striving to make sure that all people - regardless of their incomes or background - enjoy core American freedoms.

The court is often the last line of defense for people with nowhere else to turn. I take that role seriously. I have a consistent record of standing up to the powerful so that all of us can enjoy the freedoms that in other countries are the province of the very few. My experience as a trial attorney and as a District Judge gives me the skills to continue protecting the rights of all.

My record has earned me the confidence of five different Judicial Nominating Commissions, as well as Governor Bill Richardson. I am also honored to have been awarded the Judge of the Year award by the Albuquerque Bar Association and the Trial Judge of the Year award by the American Board of Trial Advocates.

I love my job on the New Mexico Court of Appeals. I humbly ask for your support and your vote on June 1st.

Very Sincerely,

Linda Vanzi

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